Fiduciary Duties

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Fiduciary Duties are owed to Buyer Clients  in Florida when they work with an exclusive buyer broker who offers “single agency,” like Florida Buyer Broker.

These are the Fiduciary Duties required by Florida Law for a brokerage who provides Single Agency  Relationships as an exclusive buyer broker or buyers agent:

Skill Care and Diligence: A buyer’s agent is required to perform with a higher standard of care concerning the buyer/client.

Obedience:  A buyers agent  is obligated to obey promptly and efficiently all lawful instructions on behalf of the buyer/client.

Loyalty: A buyers agent is obligated to act at all times solely in the best interest of the buyer/client, to the exclusion of all other interest including his/her own.

Dealing honestly and fairly.

Full Disclosure: All facts about the property and seller, pertaining to the buyers decision to purchase property, must be disclosed.

Accounting: A buyers agent must account for all entrusted funds.

Confidentiality: A buyers agent must withhold the financial status of the buyer from the seller and his agent, unless directed otherwise by the buyer.

Reasonable Care and Diligence: A buyers agent is required to perform with a higher standard of care concerning the buyer/client.   

Disclosing all know facts that materially affect the value of the residential real property which are not readily observable.

Only an exclusive buyer brokerage can guarantee the buyer full representation and these fiduciary duties in their real estate transaction.  

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